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We are so thankful for Judy and her team. With their help, we got the very best outcome we could hope for in an ugly divorce situation involving custody of three small children. Judy’s particular expertise, unparalleled knowledge of the law, and great compassion were key not only in resolving all the legal issues, but also in addressing every surprise, delay, and complication thrown our way. Judy developed a strategy for winning our case and successfully steered every action toward the outcome we wanted. She carefully listened to our story, strategically guided the gathering of information and evidence, and vigilantly answered all our questions and concerns. Judy and her staff displayed uncommon professionalism and are truly great representatives of the legal field. However, it should be noted that the real proof of Judy’s legal prowess lies in the results she gets – she wins! And we are forever grateful for her help!


When I found myself in need of legal advice and representation regarding a divorce and child custody situation, I was referred to Judy Barganier as one of the top attorneys in this area of law. During the consultation meeting, I was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion about what she does. Immediately she put me at ease. Not only was she eager to learn about the details of my situation but also about my goals and needs. Ultimately, I chose her to represent me. In a straightforward manner she laid out a course of action. She explained clearly and concisely what I should do and led me through it. Throughout this process, I found Ms. Barganier to be responsive, confident, experienced, and ethical. I came to trust her judgment and assessment of all the issues. Not only did Ms. Barganier understand the legal ramifications – but the emotional ones too. Her focus was aligned with my focus – concluding a divorce rather than dragging it out. As we worked through the process, I indeed found her to be very knowledgeable, a skillful communicator, and professional in every way. She was thorough. She gave sound advice which resulted in a good outcome. Also, I appreciated the environment of her small firm. The supporting staff were personable and helped to make a difficult situation manageable. When a client calls, they know the person by name. Their smiles brighten the day even when the day seems unbearable. With efficiency and attention to detail, they made a difference. I made the right decision when I selected Judy Barganier and her firm. It was an excellent choice for me, and they achieved the results I wanted.

– CM

I just wanted to take a moment (in all of the sighs of relief, smiles, tears of joy and celebration) to let you know how grateful I am to have had the Good Lord see fit to put you in my path! I have NO doubt, whatsoever, that without your phenomenal performance(s) in the court room, the wealth of legal knowledge you brought to the table and a hard-working team of professionals supporting you… My son would not be here at home with me today! My heart feels a relief that a Mother can not describe unless she has been faced with her child being ripped from her arms and left with no choice but to give him to a stranger of a Father.

I have been blessed with an attorney who is passionate, knows the law and refuses to stand by watching families and children suffer because others choose not to follow it!

All I can do is thank God that I was fortunate enough to get the help from an outstanding legal team to save my child and pray for those less fortunate!

Thank you again to you, Brian and Harrison for bringing my Angel home! Our family is back together and it would not have been possible without your hard work! I will forever be grateful to you guys for what you have accomplished for us!!

– JB

Everything in my life has paled in comparison to the love I have for my two daughters. When faced with the prospect of losing them, the first thing Judy did was give me hope.

Though I did not know it during my first consultation with her, she had been down the road in which I was headed many times before with other fathers just like me. I decided to trust her and she became my biggest advocate. She guided me through the potentially overwhelming process of sorting facts and meticulously constructed my case with a mastery of the law I will never be able to fully understand.

Quite often when I’m taking care of my daughters, I take a moment and thank God for Judy and for allowing our paths to cross. And whenever I bump into a friend who is about to be thrown into the horrific process of divorce, I tell them with complete confidence: Call Judy Barganier, after all, real, authentic hope is truly priceless.


I would like to thank you for all you have done for me over the past couple of years. It has been a long journey but I have made it thanks to you and Harrison. You gave me my life back. From the first day I met you, you gave me confidence, self esteem and the ability to believe in myself again. You were always available to me, giving me your number to contact you day, night, weekends or anytime I needed you and I took you up on that offer several times. Thank you Harrison for always being there to answer my questions and make sure everything I needed was taken care of. The two of you are the best. My life is better because of you and I am a better, more confident and successful woman because of you. Thanks again.

– GC

I just wanted to thank you Judy, Harrison and staff for a job well done. They helped me through what could have been an ugly divorce with my spouse. Harrison and Judy worked very hard and spent many hours trying to ensure all of my legal needs were addressed. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of professionals. You can tell that Judy’s firm rally cares about what is best for her clients and works hard to make them happy. I have full confidence in their legal services and will always continue to use them if needed in the future. THANK YOU JUDY AND HARRISON!

– MT

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