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A divorce can tear a family apart well beyond the actual dissolving of the marital bonds between husband and wife. When a child custody dispute is involved, the stakes are especially high and the issues must be dealt with properly to avoid serious, long-term problems for children and families. At the Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C., our experienced legal advice and our highly focused negotiation and litigation skills help you resolve and move beyond stressful and complicated family law issues.

Empowering your decision-making during the legal process

Our Alabama family law firm is armed with rich experience and extensive knowledge that lets us provide clients with all the information necessary to make the right decisions. We are committed to our clients and their families during the divorce itself as well as through any post-divorce modifications or appeals.

Our divorce attorneys assist clients in the following areas:

  • No-fault and uncontested divorce — In Alabama, you can petition for divorce without citing grounds, by simply asserting the marital relationship is irretrievably broken. This is often the best approach for couples who have few major areas of contention and who will need to cooperate in parenting their children after the divorce is final. Filing no-fault allows the possibility of an uncontested divorce, where you and your spouse reach a negotiated settlement of all your ancillary issues and present a settlement agreement to the court for approval. However, filing no-fault is not the same as an uncontested divorce; settlement talks can stall on certain issues, and those issues then have to be settled at trial.
  • Contested divorce — The term contested divorce refers to any dissolution of marriage where the court has to decide all or part of the controversy. So, if you and your spouse reach a settlement on three of the big four issues, but you still can’t settle the fourth, that issue requires a court hearing. If you are not comfortable with the terms of settlement your spouse offers, you can rely on our advice and our ability to litigate your case in court.
  • Alimony — When it comes to spousal support, Alabama law requires the court to consider several factors, such as the earning capacity of the spouses, their ages, their health, the length of their marriage, and the amount of property they own. Alabama also allows the court to consider adultery and other types of marital misconduct when deciding whether a “guilty” spouse should be entitled to payment from the “innocent” spouse. In alimony disputes, we bring to the court’s attention all pertinent facts necessary for a favorable decision.
  • Property division — Alabama is an equitable distribution state, which means the court divides assets and debts in a manner that is fair, but not necessarily equal. The law lists many factors for the court to consider, including any valid pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreement. Our firm has extensive experience in marital property disputes, including complex asset division for affluent couples.
  • Child custody — Child custody is usually the most emotionally charged issue in divorce. We work diligently to assert and protect your parental rights and achieve custody settlements and orders that serve the best interests of your children. We also have experience defending our clients from specious allegations of domestic violence and child sexual abuse and fighting for or against restraining orders. We have handled numerous custody cases where one parent wanted to relocate with the children, so we are familiar with the issues and strategies involved.
  • Child support — We help our clients obtain support orders that reflect the economic realities of their situation, their previous standard of living, and the special needs of their children.
  • Military divorce — Montgomery is home to Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base. We know the law of military divorce, and we understand the special protections provided for service members and military spouses as well as the special considerations for military pensions and health plans.
  • Divorce mediation — Mediation is often a valuable tool for settling divorce issues and saving the time and expense of litigation. We are adept at mediating solutions for our family law clients.
  • Appeals — Our law firm’s ability to manage issues on appeal gives you an advantage. We move seamlessly from trial to appeal, saving you time and expense.

In every divorce case we undertake, our attorneys are passionate about delivering the results you need while also focusing on making the process quicker and easier for our clients.

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The Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. provides highly personal and capable divorce representation. To schedule a consultation, call us at 334-530-5701 or contact our Montgomery office online. We are located at 8314 Crossland Loop, just off Vaughn Road, half a mile east of Taylor Road.

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