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Civil/Criminal Defense of Sexual Abuse Allegations

Being the victim of a sexual assault or abuse is truly one of the most devastating things that can happen to anyone at any time. Likewise, being falsely accused of a sexual assault, rape, sodomy, or abuse crime is equally as devastating. These types of cases require absolute experience and legal expertise in every aspect of the allegations, investigations, and prosecutions. Unlike other crimes, and contrary to very basic notions of criminal justice, persons accused of sexual assault crimes more often than not must actively pursue proof of their innocence rather than simply rely on the presumption of innocence.

Attorney Judy Barganier’s knowledge of and expertise in investigations and prosecutions of sexual assault crimes and her experience in evaluating forensic interviews of sexual abuse allegations all prove invaluable to her clients, who are faced with proving their innocence in these types of allegations and crimes.

Sexual assault allegations can have a devastating impact on individuals charged with these crimes or against whom such claims are alleged. The negative effects spill over into the person’s family life; they affect their livelihood, and the negative effects to a person’s reputation are usually devastating.

As a former prosecutor of sex crimes against adults and children, Judy H. Barganier has a thorough working knowledge of the laws, investigation of facts, misunderstandings, prejudices, and other aspects of sexual offenses, and she understands and can evaluate the evidence to provide aggressive legal defense of your rights.

Sexual assault charges can have a devastating impact on a person’s family, livelihood, and reputation. As a former prosecutor of sex crimes, Judy H. Barganier understands the legal issues surrounding these charges. She will sort through the facts and evidence to protect your rights. Claims of sexual assault or molestation are sometimes falsely imposed by a vindictive spouse in family law matters. The damage to your family, relationships, and employment may be life-altering, and your future will be on the line. An experienced sexual abuse defense lawyer will have your charges dismissed before the damage to your personal and professional life is irreparable. A conviction on any sexual assault charge, or even being the target of a sexual assault allegation, can result in life-long consequences. Having an attorney experienced in sexual assault allegations is absolutely critical in sexual abuse cases.

The Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. will protect your rights and fight on your behalf. With the help of experienced investigators, diligent record-keeping, reliable witnesses, and strategic criminal defense, we will assist you in gaining an acquittal of your sexual abuse case. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, sexual abuse defense attorneys at Law Offices of Judy
H. Barganier, P.C. defend individuals in both civil and criminal sexual abuse allegation cases.

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