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When an appeal from a trial court’s decisions is necessary, it is important to retain an attorney with actual and successful experience to represent you. An appeal is not another bite at the apple, and the procedure and legal issues involved in taking your case up on an appeal requires exacting work and an understanding of both the substantive and procedural law involved in appeal. Whether our firm served as trial counsel or is retained following the trial proceedings, we will diligently review the trial transcripts and other court records and apply the most current law to evaluate and effectively handle your case at the appellate level.

Following a trial court rendering a judgment in a case, there may be issues which should be addressed by an appellate court. The Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. will provide trial counsel or can be retained following the start of trial proceedings. Our firm will review the trial transcripts and other court records to provide you with our opinion as to whether we believe an appeal is warranted or within your best interests. In other appellate cases, we may be called upon to represent a client when the opposing side has initiated the appeal. In either situation, our experienced Alabama family law firm will research the legal issues, review the trial facts and draft and file briefs and other appropriate court documents to represent you at the appellate level.
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