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Montgomery Alimony Lawyers Protect Your Financial Future

Capable and concerned divorce attorney fights for your rights

Alabama courts have tremendous discretion in awarding alimony. Because this issue is so critical to your financial future, you need an attorney who is knowledgeable about the law and passionate about delivering positive results for clients. At the Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C., we draw on more than 45 years of experience in family law and divorce to manage your alimony dispute. We understand the vital importance of a fair alimony settlement or court order, so we take strong steps to ensure full financial disclosure and bring to the court’s attention all pertinent facts that support a favorable outcome.

Types of alimony available in an Alabama divorce

There are several types of alimony a spouse may request in an Alabama divorce:

  • Pendente lite — This is temporary spousal support during the divorce process and can include funds for reasonable attorney fees. Pendente lite alimony terminates when the court issues the final divorce decree.
  • Rehabilitative — This type of alimony is temporary and is designed to help a dependent spouse through a period of transition to financial independence. A dependent spouse who needs a period of time to complete a degree, get job training, or transition back into the workforce could receive rehabilitative alimony for a few years.
  • Periodic — This type of spousal support consists of specified payments regularly over time until an obligation ends.
  • Permanent — Like periodic alimony, this type of spousal support consists of regular payments, but only terminates upon the death of one of the parties.
  • Alimony in gross — This type of alimony is not really spousal support; it’s a vehicle for distributing property either through a lump sum payment or periodic payments for a certain time. Alimony in gross can be used as an offset when one spouse keeps a non-liquid asset, such as a family business or real estate, in which the other spouse has an ownership interest.

All forms of alimony except for alimony in gross are tax deductible for the obligor and taxable income for the recipient.

Fighting for fair spousal support orders in Alabama

The fight for a fair alimony order begins with a demand for full financial disclosure. There is no way to get a fair order if your spouse is hiding assets or income. During divorce, we use the discovery process to enforce your right to transparency in all financial dealings.

Alabama alimony does not depend on rigid state guidelines like child support; an award is completely at the discretion of the court. There are many factors that courts generally consider, such as:

  • The couple’s standard of living during the marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of the parties
  • Financial resources
  • Whether a spouse requires education or training before obtaining a job
  • Contributions made by each party to the marriage
  • Parties’ assets and liabilities

However, there are no requirements for the court to consider any specific factors. As your advocate for a fair alimony order, we bring to the court’s attention pertinent facts that argue in your favor and urge the court to give these facts the weight they deserve.

Contact a determined divorce lawyer for your alimony dispute in Montgomery

Whether you pay or receive, the court’s decision on alimony will have a big impact on your future financial security. Trust the Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. to provide capable and determined representation focused on positive results. To schedule a consultation, call us at 334-530-5701 or contact our Montgomery office online. We are located at 8314 Crossland Loop, just off Vaughn Road, half a mile east of Taylor Road.

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