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There is no substitute for experience and preparation in all legal issues, but never more so than when you need or are faced with a divorce or legal separation.  You need and must have an attorney on your side who fully understands the legal and emotional ramifications of a legal separation or divorce and who has specific experience in every aspect of divorce and legal separation. Our firm has significant experience and understands the necessity of preparation in dealing with divorce issues, including but not limited to:

  • Shared or sole custody of minor children
  • Legal and physical child custody
  • Child support obligations
  • Visitation and parenting time
  • Relocation or moving of your residency within or out of state,
  • Periodic and rehabilitative alimony
  • Alimony in gross
  • Defense of claims for alimony
  • Division of military retired pay and other retirement funds
  • Division of business interests
  • Business evaluations
  • Forensic accounting needs
  • Equitable distribution of property

The Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. is an Alabama divorce law firm with experience in helping and representing clients with divorce and family law related matters, such as joint or sole child custody in Alabama, child support, visitation, relocation or residency out-of-state, alimony or spousal support, as well as property division of assets and debt.

Alabama Divorce Law

Our law office takes great pride in handling cases involving separation of assets, especially complex, large-asset and family business divisions. When necessary and the facts require it, we enlist the help of investigators, counselors, accountants, business valuation experts, and other experts regarding these important legal and collateral issues.   With the assistance of our legal team and other financial and legal professionals, we will help you understand the legal and factual issues involved in your case.  We will assist you in locating and documenting the income and assets of all parties, including corporate or business interests, retirement accounts, real estate, stocks, securities, and insurance, all of which are necessary for an appropriate and just division of the assets and liabilities accumulated during your marriage.

From her work as a prosecutor and years of private practice, Judy Barganier is an Alabama family law attorney who has extensive courtroom experience handling hearings, trials, and appeals in addition to being a skilled mediator of divorce cases and appeals.

Military Divorce Law

When it comes to military divorce in Alabama, our clients also include military personnel from nearby Maxwell Air Force Base, Gunter Air Force Base, their spouses, and state employees and their spouses, with regard to issues such as benefits particular to those groups which require particular knowledge and attention because the retired pay, retirement funds and accounts are not governed by nor subject to ERISA.

If you need an experienced divorce attorney in Alabama, call the Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. for an initial consultation or complete our contact form.


Legal Blog

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In the midst of a divorce or child custody proceeding, a spouse often has no hesitation in revealing apparently negative behavior or conduct of the other spouse, an action which is the product of an often-exaggerated adversarial system that encourages ruthless mudslinging. However, that same spouse might experience great difficulty in recognizing his or her own shortcomings, particularly in properly caring for his or her own child. Such a spouse may simply assume that in the absence of any illegal ...

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"When I found myself in need of legal advice and representation regarding a divorce and child custody situation, I was referred to Judy Barganier as one of the top attorneys in this area of law. During the consultation meeting, I was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion about what she does. Immediately she put me at ease. Not only was she eager to learn about the details of my situation but also about my goals and needs. Ultimately, I chose ...

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